Saturday, December 15, 2007

Getting Around

New Zealand has a unique giveway rule. Check this one out before trying it. Round abouts are easy. Just remember to always give way to the right. Get yourself in there and keep going round and round until the navigator figures out which exit you want-- or you run out of gas.

One-Way bridges are a snap, too. If the thick arrow on the sign points the direction you're headed, you have the right of way. In the South Island, you share very high one-way bridges with a train. Your first trip over a deep gorge clicking along straddling the rails with only more rails in sight, hoping the driver knows what he's doing, will be just as memorable as your first bunji jump.

Warning: Avoid the one-eyed Taniwha, a distant cousin of the Loc Ness Monster. He hangs out south of Auckland near the motorway at Meremere.


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