Monday, January 14, 2008

Vehicle Insurance

If you're renting a car or an RV (movan), you'll need a driver's license for the vehicle insurance to be valid. A United Nations agreement lets license holders drive for up to twelve months in New Zealand on their own country's license and visa versa. United States recognizes the agreement, so with a current US license from any state, you can drive whatever class vehicle you're licensed to drive in the states.

New Zealand has no-fault vehicle insurance. If you ding a mudguard, or bang your bonnet, it won't ruin your day. The authorities probably won't be involved unless there's an injury.

If you're a member of AAA in the US, bring your card. All privileges are reciprocal with the New Zealand Automobile Association (AA). You won't need personal insurance if you're touring by auto or RVing, but your AAA card will get you discounts on motels and entertainment, and best of all get you free maps not available in Tourist Information Centers that show the back roads. You'll need these if you're just nosy or plan to freedom park in an RV.

Check out AAA's sister at AA New Zealand.

The RV in the photo is a Maui Rental Van.


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Anonymous said...

Are there other rental vans besides Maui?

Lyn said...

Adventure, Britz, Kea, and Maui are the major rentals. Or you could rent from a dealer.