Monday, February 4, 2008

Auckland/Getting Around

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Volvo Bus
Photo by: Kiaora 34nz
Traveling around Auckland can be enough to start your holiday off with a friendly fight. Just because you find an off ramp, don't expect an on ramp to be nearby. It's like picking your way through a maze to get back on the motorway. We spent part of an otherwise pleasant afternoon driving back and forth under the motorway with, "Not that road. We tried that one before." It can be done. Just don't cut yourself short on time and don't expect to find a parking space waiting with a welcome sign.
RVs and rental cars are available at the airport. If you're staying longer than a month, you might consider buying a vehicle. All vehicles are inspected for safety by the government before applying for a Certificate of Registration. If you're interested in purchasing an auto, try the Car Fair. You'll find the Local Buses are clean, convenient and run on time. A shuttle is available from the airport to the central Auckland bus station near Victoria Park. For sightseeing, buses are convenient-- or spend a little more and hire a taxi.
For more information on buying a New Zealand RV, see RVinNZ.

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Anonymous said...

Can I ship a car over to save money?

Lyn said...

Only if it's a collectible. Kiwis like antique cars.
Even then, it probably wouldn't be worth the time and money. I've seen RVs (movans) that were converted-- all the controls have to be moved to the right side. I'd guess they were bought and driven by Kiwi owners in the US then shipped home.,
I don't know if conversion is mandatory. Try the Land Transport Safety Authority for info:
They could also tell you the importing fees.
If you want a vacation, just buy or rent a vehicle in NZ.