Friday, February 13, 2009

The Bay of Islands

Urupukapuka Island
Bay of Islands
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If you managed to get yourself to the Bay of Islands in New Zealand by RV, auto, or bus, don’t rush by. There’s plenty to see and do. If you came for the water, try game fishing or swim with the dolphins. If you like boats, charter a yacht and spend nights in a sheltered anchorage or pick something a little smaller and paddle around in a sea kayak.

If you came north by bus, you’ll end up in Pahia, a small tourist town with three sandy beaches. You’ll find motels as well as backpacker accommodation in Pahia. In nearby Waitangi, the treaty between the British Crown and Maori chiefs was signed in 1840. From the wharf in Pahia, you can catch a passenger ferry to Russell– once the capital of New Zealand. A little farther north, you can reach Kerikeri by jogging back to Hwy 10. At Kerikeri, you’ll find orchards, wineries, arts and craft shops, and the oldest building in New Zealand– Kemp House.

From all this "once the capital...oldest building" I’ve been dropping in, you’ve probably guessed you’re surrounded by history. Named Bay of Islands in 1769 by Captain Cook, there are 144 islands in the bay. I take the Kiwi’s word for that one since I’ve never counted. Besides these four historic towns, you’ll also find one of DOC’s national parks– the Bay of Islands Maritime Park.

With so much to see in the Bay of Islands, this video will give you an idea of what you’ll find. Notice the Duke of Marlboro Hotel in Russell– our first stop on a tiki tour around the bay.

Lyn Harris

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Anonymous said...

Can I get internet access in New Zealand. I want to send my photos home.

Lyn said...

You'll find internet cafes all over NZ. Prices vary, but if you're uploading a lot of photos, use one with a high bandwidth. You'll pay more per hour, but get your photos uploaded quicker. You can also get them to burn you a CD then mail that home.

PureCommonSense said...

Looks like a fun tour. What part of New Zealand are the Bay Islands in? Are they near Wellington?

Lyn said...

The Bay of Islands are in the north end of the North Island-- where it's much warmer than Wellington.

Anonymous said...

In CC, I had photos burned to a CD. Internet cafes will do it, but watch your price. Some charge a flat fee. I. Cafes are usually cheaper than camera shops.

Anonymous said...

In CC, I had photos burned to a CD. Internet cafes will do it, but watch hyour price. Some charge a flat fee. I cafes are usually cheaper than camera shops. Bring your USB.

ROSIDAH said...

Beautiful scenery. Must be amazing living in the midst of incredible nature... Thanks for sharing :)

Shanthy said...

Reading your blog on New Zealand was a thrilling experienxe