Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Auckland on the Cheap

City Centre
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The first time I traveled New Zealand, I didn’t worry about traveling on the cheap. I flew into Auckland, rented a car and spent three weeks zigzagging from Auckland to Christchurch. I stayed at quality hotels, wandered into any restaurant that took my fancy, checked out the Waitomo Caves, watched the well mannered sheep at the Agrodome, and even managed to squeeze in a two day farm stay. Then, I flew home and went back to work to pay off the credit card bills that trickled in over the next couple of months. Those were the days when I was young, dumb, and richer.

That’s still a good way to travel if you have the big bickies. There’s nothing quite like hanging out at a top quality hotel or resort and wallowing around in all that pampering to make you feel special. It will probably strain the budget if you want to spend four or five months in New Zealand. If that’s your plan, you might need to consider at least some of that "On the Cheap."

Auckland Sunset
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Melanie McMinn has a new blog Auckland on the Cheap. She lists inexpensive activities and cheap places to eat in Auckland. Melanie is not a travel agent or promoting a business so you get information about a little of this and a little of that– whatever happens to be cheap in Auckland. If you’re traveling to New Zealand and have a question about saving money in Auckland, send Melanie an email. If you’re a Kiwi and have a tip to share, she’d like to hear from you, too.

Enjoy your time in Auckland even if it is "On the Cheap." As Melanie says, "After all, fun doesn’t have to be expensive!"


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Anonymous said...

Hey, it's sarahdownundah here. Nice blog! I can't imagine doing a six month trip staying in hotels and eating out all the time... as it is, I spent $1800NZ in my three weeks around the South Island, and that was staying in a hostel only three nights (slept in the car at DOC campsites for $5 or free the rest of the time) and I only ate out twice (both under $10). I'd much rather stretch my budget in order to stay longer than live in luxury and have to go back to cold Canada before winter is over, haha!

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lady macleod said...

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Shanthy said...

Awesome blog.I feel like visiting Newzealand

Steve said...

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