Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tsunami in American Samoa

Boat in Community Bingo Center

I’m jumping away from traveling in New Zealand today to American Samoa. My stepdaughter, Elizabeth worked as a midwife in American Samoa and recently returned to the states. She sent a link to a blog written by her friend Melanie Brown. Melanie tells about the “90 seconds of violent shaking followed by several aftershocks.” Then, the Samoan d.j. saying, " a huge 15-20 foot wave is coming towards the office building.”– the same office building where her husband Paul, a marine ecologist at the National Park of Americas Samoa was working.

Red Truck in Building

Both photos are by Melanie Brown. You’ll find more pictures of the tsunami devastation and Melanie’s account of what happened before, during and after the tsunami. She’ll be updating, so drop this blog in your favorites: Tropical Browns

Lyn Harris

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Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful place. It's sad to see these photos, but thank you for the link. It's hard to find photos like these taken by ordinary people who managed to survive.

Anonymous said...

NZ's 2 degrees is offering free calls for Am Samoa, Samoa and Tonga for the next two weeks.
orcon offering free calls to Am Samoa & Samoa until sun.