Sunday, November 25, 2007

How Do You Get There?

It's a twelve hour flight from Los Angeles to Auckland. We like to take an early evening flight, settle in with dinner and a couple of movies, then sleep--or pretend to sleep. An early evening nonstop flight will arrive in Auckland early morning. You can clear customs and change some money in the airport, then pick up your rental car or New Zealand RV (movan) and you're ready to start the day.
Auckland is an international airport about 2/3 of the way up the North Island. You'll probably enter New Zealand there, even if your destination is Wellington at the bottom of the North Island or Christchurch in the South Island.
You'll need a passport and a round trip ticket--Kiwis know how clean, green and spectacular their country is--they want you to enjoy your visit, not move in like an unwanted mother-in-law. If you're staying more than ninety days, you'll need a visa. For a visa, send your passport to your nearest New Zealand Consulate with a copy of your round trip ticket and proof of enough income you won't go on the dole. A credit card statement with available credit will work. You need to provide return postage. And, I always request a delivery receipt since I get a little paranoid about my passport--I don't want to lose that lovely photo. The New Zealand Consulate will stamp the visa in the back of your passport and return it within a week. If you have questions, contact them by phone or at If you're working with a travel agent, they usually handle all your documents.
Don't visit New Zealand if you're afraid of sheep.

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