Friday, November 16, 2007

How I Got There

A former single-handed sailor, I spent several summers in the San Juan and Channel Islands on my Pacific Seacraft Dana. I later sailed down the Pacific Coast from San Francisco to Cabo and lived a few winters along the Mexican Coast from Puerta Vallarta to Zihuatanejo.
I met my husband in a marina in Florida and talked him into crewing for me through the Everglades to the Keys--I'm afraid of alligators and hoped he'd be gallant enough to go under and cut the prop loose if we tangled on a trap line. Another year, I agreed to dive with him in the Dry Tortugas if he'd crew for me to Cuba. When we dragged anchor one night and banged into a Cuban gunboat, I'm sure he regretted that day he helped me dock in Cape Coral.
After two more years varnishing, repairing rusty fittings and leaky water pumps, always checking over our shoulders for that next storm front waiting to rock and roll us, we sold our boats. We took a tiki tour of New Zealand and figured the price was right for our limited income. We returned the next year to buy a motorcaravan--and we've never dragged our movan into a Cuban gunboat in New Zealand.

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