Monday, November 26, 2007

What Do You Find There?

I certainly can't tell you what you'll find there all at once, but-- New Zealand is three long narrow islands, spread out more or less north-south for one thousand miles, with hundreds of tiny islands scattered like paint specks, some available only to the birds and Department of Conservation (DOC).

The North Island, the second largest in the area, has the
the largest population. The larger South Island has fewer
people than Auckland alone.

Stewart Island, the smallest and coldest is said to be a good place to tramp. I wouldn't know. The closest we got was Bluff, the jumping off point for the ferry, where we spent three days wedged up against a cement toilet, hoping our New Zealand RVing adventure wouldn't end with our movan blowing over. We slept at night with our heads upwind--if we did go over, at least we'd land on our feet. Those boxy New Zealand RVs don't point into the wind like an anchored sailboat.

RV in NZ: How to Spend Your Winters South:
Way South in New Zealand

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